----- noun, pronounced as \ˈblȯg, ˈbläg\; short for Weblog.

----- intransitive verb, pronounced as (hnt); to make a search or seek.

Blog Hunt

As delineated above, "Blog Hunt" simply means looking for or exploring logs or rants of people over the web. Blog Hunt is created only for the author's purposes -- online record of the author's journey, the author's insights, and some creations of the author's weird and idiotic mind. She, the author, entitled it "Blog Hunt" when Tanchi started to call her bloghuntress. She captioned it as "--an escape from this cruel world" seeing that bloghunting is her only way to run away from the cruelness of the world.


The author calls herself as Ebang Bloghuntress. She just added Eba, Tagalog word for Eve, since she's a Filipina.

the actual fact...

Ebang bloghuntress is commonly called as Jessamin Joyce but prefers to be called as Jes, a 2nd year nursing student at Notre Dame of Dadiangas University. She's not much of a talker in public and an Über shy girl.


Tanchi said...

haha..ayos din pala to about the author mo..sinali pa ako..:D