All Saint's Eve

It's October 31st and everybody's busy doing stuffs like preparing for Halloween parties, visiting the lifeless ones, and etc. Some would prefer to attend mass in the Church, light up candles and pray for their loved one's soul. To sum up, people are celebrating the Halloween season. Celebrating this season for me wasn't really like what other's do. I was able to attend costume parties in school though, but never had trick-or-treating.

Today's a holiday, so things wouldn't crash some office works. And for students, it's in between their semestral break. Anyway, this is the first time that I weren't able to visit the burial chamber of my grandfather. Though I haven't seen him ever in my life, it's still weird that I cannot just even visit him. I missed the times that we would go there under that burning and hurting heat of the sun to offer prayers for him as well as to some relatives since their chambers are just adjacent. Since we weren't able to go home to our hometown, my mom decided to go to San Carlos Memorial Cemetery, which is now known as Forest Lake. When we arrived there, I was surprised by what I found out --- an ongoing poster and slogan making contest, which was judged by my mom and her 2 friends, a background music which sounds a lot like disco songs, and a movie marathon later that night. I was stunned. Isn't it supposed to be celebrated solemnly? Anyhow, after such a boring afternoon, the night part was a bit fun. Just a bit. While the operator's preparing for the movie to be rolled, he played clips from i-don't-know-what-or-who-is-his-source or where'd he got the clips about some hilarious reality japanese/korean tv show. Soon then we were eating our dinner while cracking up some jokes and laughing over those jokes thrown. But there's one joke that made us laugh and laugh and laugh. It's a bit tacky though.

The Forest Lake Staff gave 5 packed meals enough for us, then she asked...

Forest Lake Staff:
Kulang pa maam?
Teacher Emilie:
....... (hesitant to answer.)

Then, the staff left another one packed meal, so, that'd make it 6 all in all. And the joke started here . . . somewhere between our messy conversations . . .

Teacher Emelie:
Naawa siguro yung babae sa akin kanina ba. Siguro sa isip niya, "Parang kulang pa man ito sa kanya ui." Kaya niya siguro dinagdagan ng isa pa.

So, the staff thinks Emelie is double. :)) Then she, Emelie, added this part. *highlight*

Teacher Emelie:
Kaya pala kapag sasakay ako ng tricycle tinatanong sa akin, "double ride maam?"

We all can't help it but to guffaw. :))

And of course, for the documentation, which is very important in nursing profession, I took a picture late in the afternoon this day. Just a remembrance from that day, and for all first times I had.


**Sorry for the very late post.


e'an said...

wow talgang naga.update..,,,na xa yehey!!!

sej said...

hahahaa. huo nga. late pa tlga ang post. walang time. busy daw.. maglaag. :))

Tanchi said...

congrats pre:)


sej said...

hahaha. salamat pre! lol. (:

Me, the islands and the world said...

oh, i love the sunset picture..the play of colors in the sky is magnificent.

sej said...

thanks! (:

vanilla7 said...

great shots!

sej said...

thanks. though it has textures. low quality. tsk!