One Unproductive Day Coming Up!

Being unproductive is one thing that I personally dislike and admittedly, I am oftentimes like that. Ironic it is but gaging it by the end of those days, I was somehow . . . prolific. LOL.

Going back to what I was uttering about being unproductive, this is one hell of a very unproductive day. Excluding the part of attending the mass, of course. I just had an hour of my Economy class, though it didn't seem to be an hour because of the activity given, and two other subjects with no teacher around. Of course, my Sociology and Political Science classes were a total baloney. I spent time and effort in going to school but then NO ONE SHOWED UP?! It did piss me off that night.

Consequently, to calm down my mood, I stayed at our resto gallery for a while. I got bored, as usual, so funny things popped outta my mind. `Cause of this, it led me to these weird imaginations.

Waitress: Sir, here is your order.
Customer: Thank you miss.
Waitress: If you need anything sir I'll just be standing there, k?
Customer: I know. I'm not blind yet miss. I can still see you.

Waiter: May I take your order sir?
Customer: Do you serve water here for free?
Waiter: Yes sir.
Customer: Okay, I'll have one glass please.

Waitress: So do you have your orders now ma'am?
Customer: I want to order the dishes you don't have here in your menu.

Sorry for those imaginative conversations. I really don't know where they came from. There are lots of it but I didn't put all. It sounds . . . Nevermind. As I end this post and this day, I'll leave you a cheesy joke that has never failed me to laugh at it over and over again.

Question: What's the plural of rice?
Answer: Extra rice.

Have a good night sleep! =)

* supposed to be posted 11-11-08.


mordsith said...

that extra rice joke is new to me, and id joke to everyone i know. it's hilarious. :)

sej said...

haha! it's an old, really old joke, i think. but yea, it's really hilarious. the first time that joke was thrown on me, i laughed sooo hard.

witsandnuts said...

I laughed out on extra rice. =) Thanks for visiting. I'll be dropping by again. Happy weekend!

bonz said...

extra rice!!! lols...
nice one.

sej said...

really funny, huh? lol. :))