Will tomorrow be still as sweet as yesterday for Asians?

Earlier this day with my Anthropology class while my teacher was talking facts about Asia, I was surprised with these two questions she included.

1. Why do most Asians remain poor despite their continent's rich natural resources?
2. If Asia has 60% of the worlds population, why is it that it only accounts 17% of the world's production and industry?
She asked for our own thoughts. And thereafter, conclusion was made.
And for the first question...

-> Some resources are not developed.
Of course, people would find food for their hungry stomachs first. We can't blame them anyway. But, what's wrong with our attitude is we wait for someone to put action to it. To make the changes possible. I mean, can't we start it within ourselves? And to say, big changes come from the small ones.

-> The developed resources are mostly controlled by Western multinational companies and not by Asian entrepreneurs.
The mentality of the Asians (and as perceived by my mentor as well), is that Western people or other countries study and after that, they build, put up or develop companies. Asians are the other way around. They study and have titles to serve. It's like, Western people are their bosses while Asians are their members.

-> The environment is not protected from natural or man-made damage.
People never realized what would it cost as a whole when they slowly obliterate our natural resources. AND for sure, people will just protect it after it has been damaged. tsk!

For the second question...

-> Asians generally do not earn enough to feed, clothe, house, and care for themselves in the same standards as Westerners live.
Okay, let's face it. Worker's salary is just enough for their basic needs. Nothing more, nothing less. If ever there would be more, then good. but if there's less, that's a problem...again. Asians work hard to be sufficiently compensated for their efforts but Westerns work and get paid per hour.
-> The production and distribution of the world resources are controlled by companies based in United States and Europe.
Of course, we get resources from the West, that's why we have no control for it. But, can't we have our own? So that at least we could minimize the money that the Asians are handing over since it's just within Asia. (or it's just I don't exactly know the flow of business here...?)
-> Asian countries mostly rely on foreign technologies and capital.
Though Asians are really really skilled in the techno-world, they still depend on foreign-made innovations or modernizations. I wonder why. Well maybe it's most probably because of financial constraints.

(I really didn't get this last part, but then, I think here's the idea of it.

-> The rich forests in Asia are suffering the fastest rate of destruction.
For the reason of not valuing the importance of these natural resources, people tend to neglect and be careless of it. If we do not take care of it now, who will? When? We must take action now, or it will be gone forever.

So what are all the Asians waiting for? Should we wait for things to be in its worst situation? And tell me people, what do you think should Asians do...? Will tomorrow be still sweet for us, like yesterday..?


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