The Invisible War of a "Literally" blank-faced-absent-minded-Bloghuntress

There's nothing in this post, really. Just sharing, or rather updating all readers (if there are. lol.)

I've been literally blank these past few days. It's about two weeks now, I think. I feel so down, pissed, angry, somewhat happy but sad, excited but nervous. I don't know. I feel like writing a poem, but it never rhymed, singing a song, but was out of tune, posting a blog, but ran out of words. How weird is this feeling of mine that I couldn't even understand. I was about to start some work but I ended up sleeping, opened my notes to study for a quiz but I went on blog hunting, thought I was listening to some music, but consciously watching the television. And now, currently blank again. Wondering what I'm blogging about and why do my fingers type so fast with all these words appearing on my monitor. I'm blank. Really. Totally. Absolutely blank. Superbly.

As I said, there's nothing in here.

Here's a vid of the song Invisible War by Sitti Navarro, a bossa nova artist. This song was originally sung by Julia Fordham but I chose Sitti's version over Julia's 'cause I like it more. I can feel the meaning of the song more in Sitti's version rather than Julia's. I don't know if I'm having an invisible war with someone. Maybe. Probably. Possibly. But, no way. Never. (:

And the dramatic lines go this way...

Invisible war, seems we're fighting an invisible war
Strained manoeuvres, keeping silent score
In this invisible war
Every day I seem to lose you more
Both wishing it was like before
In this invisible war

Talk about a fine line between love and hate
We've lost more than our direction of late
Talk about a fine line between lovers and friends
We've never been lovers and now we're not even friends

In this invisible war, seems we're waging an invisible war
Every day I seem to lose you more
In this invisible war

It wounded deeply the scar is here to stay
Opening up at all the little things I do and say
You always want things to be as before
So I make you angry and you bleed a little more
In this invisible war, seems that we're waging an invisible war
Every day I seem to lose you more
In this invisible war

Want to go away (I still love you)
Got to go away (I always love you)
Got to be away (Time heals all wounds)

How I love the song. the lines. and the singer. (I really do like Sitti. :D ) Isn't it nice? The pain that the girl bears. Oh. Don't tell me I'm a masochist. :D I just love the lines.

I'll still be insisting that there's nothing here. =) Talagang talagang talaga. :)

Currently taking my breakfats. Ooppsss. Breakfast I mean. :D Hot chocolate plus the sinangag plus the "walang-sawang-mahiwagang-itlog-na-may-chopped-beef-loaf". Oha? Will your morning still be bad with this? Not to mention eating with the whole family. :D :D

(I sound really hyped this time. LOL!)

So, while eating my fatty-breakfast, I thought of making a story about the Invisible War of a literally blank-faced-absent-minded-soldier. Wouldn't it be funny? A soldier with a blank face and an absent minded one having a war that is invisible?! hahaha! But, can't sum up the thoughts that run through my mind. The words are running fast. I can't catch up. |=

I told you, there's nothing here. =)


e'an said...

"fatty-breakfast"... my thoughts were never wrong. hahaah

sej said...

haha! hateyou seatmate! ainako, missyou! di na tayo seatmate. huhu. pero, langya ka parin! di ka parin nagbabago. hehe. =p

Tanchi said...

kainis ang disabled right click..di ko maopen sa kabilang tab..btw, matagal ko nang pinapakinggan to:)
and ung one-note samba:)

sej said...

sige na nga. aalisin ko na po yun. :D ganda noh? lalang. tagal narin akong addicted sa song na yan.

Tanchi said...

adik ka man talaga..haha
kelan pa naging hindi?

sej said...

cheh! mean! mean ka tlga tan! =p