"I came back in peace"

So this is another late post again. As in like, VERY late post. I got a bit used to it since classes started already . . . and I hate it a lot! I don’t feel like going back to school yet `cause I haven’t made the most out of my semestral break up till now. But I’ve had enough ambling and it’s getting more and more tedious each day. So, I have to go back to what I’m accustomed to – waking up early and going to school. Total shitness.

When you come right down to my first and second back-to-school-day, it was awful. All mentors were new to me as well as the mates, though I know some of them. Not to mention my Physics teacher last semester. She’s back to haunt us again! She has never made my nerve cells stimulated. And teachers are articulating same points and issues over and over again for two days. I hope they know that it’s annoying at times. (:

So here are the teacher’s I have this time around, and hoping I don’t make my pad full of writings from what they’re saying, which is so not related to the subject, but from what I’ve learned from them. (:

It’s-orientation-day-every-day-teacher – This kind of teacher is someone who orients students, and orients, then orients, and be oriented again, until they get oriented. =) Somehow you want to start the lesson proper already but the teacher still orients the students.

I-don’t-wanna-see-you-anymore-teacher – This kind of mentor, obviously, is the one you don’t want to be the mentor anymore. He/She never made you excited on going to his/her class. Seeing and realizing that this kind of teacher is your teacher, it encourages you not to listen to what he/she is saying, and the worst, to be absent on his/her class. And this kind of teacher is like, ‘you have to write everything he/she says because it’s dreadfully funny’. And he/she knows how to kill the time with his/her stories. :))

Do-as-what-I-said-teacher – This teacher is a bit bossy. He/She never fails to uphold that facial expression of “I’m so pissed off by you” when he/she really isn’t. = \

I-am-a-bit-strict-but-a-buffoon-teacher – This one surely is funny, though he/she is firm with particular matters such as time. He/She can put certain things into some kind of funny story and never disappoints the crowd.

Too-late-that-I-can-be-marked-absent-teacher – If the student’s are at times late, this kind of teacher is extremely late. He/She is later that the students. Most terrible, he/she is not present and made you wait for 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes and counting… (:

It’s sad that two of my subject teachers did not appear before my eyes yet. But good for them, otherwise they’d be included here. Haha! (sinister laugh)

*BONUS: Maybe you were wondering why I entitled this "I came back in peace." That line was from Buzz Lightyear, from Toy Story. I just added the word 'back'. Well, going back, the title insinuates my first two back-to-school days, more like welcoming me back, and the peace is for the teachers involved. LOL. I really don't hate my teachers nor have antipathy towards them, I can just accidentally spot some of their erroneous distinctiveness and bloopers, of course. Peace! V.V


Tanchi said...


ako may teacher akong isa, tinatawag kong penguin;)

pati na irn ung, WAG-KA-NANG-MAGPAKITA teacher:)

sej said...

haha! at bakit penguin?? mukha ba siyang . . . ?? hahaa!

haynaku, ayoko na tlga maging teacher yung teacher kong un. kahit saan ata sinusundan ako.. |:

Tanchi said...

penguin yung body structure nya..haha

walang shoulders..nyayks!

sej said...

grabe, you are totally mean! haha! :))

Ishna Probinsyana said...

Naalala ko tuloy yung Theology professor ko when I was a freshie. Super unreasonable nya at sbrang mainitin ang ulo. HAHA

sej said...

haha!! nkakamiss din sila, kahit ganun yung mga un. (:

zearaiza said...

nice blog. hehe. god bless sa pag-aaral :-)

sej said...

thanks ate zea. (: