FRIENDS -- are people whom you know, and who know you. Though you both know each other, still no one knows what is running through his or her mind...

My brother and I went out on a date...... *Ooppss. Sorry. I mean, shopping. LOL. And like the usual, every time we go to the mall, we play an unnamed game. We look for friends and the one with the highest number of friends seen is the winner. So, while we were searching, we decided to play at Worlds of Fun. And there I found my first friend.
"Uy Jess! Ang ganda-ganda mo na." ["Hey Jess! You look gorgeous now."]
She said with an excited expression. "WTF!?" I said to my inner self. Did she just say that?! After hearing that statement and the little conversation we had, there's only one thing that crossed my mind and never left throughout the time we were talking. *later* On our way to the exit, the baggage boy, I mean, the baggage gay told my brother, "Ang cute mo." ["You're cute."] I was like, "Shuddap will you?! Just get our stuff so that we can go now!" (I just hate it when gays are like that to my brother.) Afterwards, my brother said, "Narinig mo yung sinabi niya? Sabi niya cute ako!" ["Did you just hear what he said? He said I'm cute."] He opened that topic first so I counter-attacked him with the little conversation I had with my friend earlier. And he said, "Ibig sabihin pala hindi ka maganda dati." ["So it means you're not gorgeous before."] And that was the only damn thing I thought a while ago. Ohman, he really is my brother, I should say. "WTH, was I really that ugly before??"

FRIENDS -- are still friends though you rarely see each other.

Saudi Arabia is a plane away and is far from Philippines. But they say distance is not and should never be a hindrance in your friendship. Well, I'm not saying that there's something that's obstructing the progression of our friendship. I just miss our chitchats. That's all. =| And, a few blocks from your home won't hurt that much right? But then, ohsh*t. I just really miss her and our chitchats. =(

FRIENDS -- are people who are not a total stranger to you and whom you consider as a family member too.

In one particular chapter of my life, we were separated by fate. So, to make the communication a bit personal, we used to write letters to each other. And in one of her letters she wrote, "I can be your friend if you like." And so, she became my friend and my mom as well. In this present time, we're now close to each other. But, I don't know why and for some reason, I miss her.

FRIENDS -- are weird but fun to be with, special and close to your heart, and mostly, they're the ones you'll die for. True friends. Real friends. They are whom you cannot live without.


Tanchi said...

shuddap..haha..auz na linya ah:D
merry new year SEJ....weeee

sej said...

haha!! bayot kasi, gapakyut sa kuya ko. amfness tlga. haha! same to you tan! :D