Brighter than Sunshine

From eight consecutive days of being out from this society, I surely did miss a lot here. Oh, how i missed this whole thing - the posts, bloghunting and searching for NFB (new found blogmates).

1st day - It was a Sunday and the day should probably be fine like my usual sunday - being with the family. But since I was "emo" that time, my day ended up spending all of my time inside my room paying much more attention to the radio rather than some school work.

2nd day - First day of the school week was boring, not to mention the teachers. I was totally out of my senses and found it hard to focus on school stuffs.

3rd day - The feeling's gotten heavier than the normal. And still, classes are still boring.

4th day - Still, the feeling's getting heavier. And, I really don't know till when can I bear this wretchedness. Or for how long will this stay and make me suffer.

5th day - I've already let go a part of the sentiment. But still, not yet feeling well.

6th day - I've completely let go of it and acceptance was next though it was a bit hard as expected.

7th day - Accepting the "letting-go-of-sentiments" part was hard but still managed to have a brighter look on life now. Not to mention the emo-ness gone astray.

8th day - The present day. Currently fine, okay, and feeling alright. Never been better this way. The excruciating heart feels lighter than ever. It has been cheerful and lively today. Looking at everything positively made the whole thing seem brighter.

Forgiving and forgetting were two hard, really hard, things that one must do in order for him or her to move on from the past. Acceptance seemed easier than those two mentioned earlier. But to sum it all, it was sweetly arduous to handle. On the contrary, I'm pretty optimistic now. Thanks to all who were concerned and most especially to God for keeping me secure, calm and steady.

Henceforth, every mornings I have will always be brighter than sunshine!