The Late Christmas Tree

"Every corner of the world now is filled with Christmas decorations. Well, don't count us in!"

Two days from now, it's Christmas Day already and it's pretty weird that we really did not put any Christmas decoration inside our house. It's . . . . . plain. haha! I really don't know why. Maybe we're just old enough to have those and for me, it won't really matter if there are no decorations around. But until this day came and since my sister has been so annoying about putting even just a Christmas tree, we decorated our haunted house. I said to my little annoying sister, "Nagtayo ka pa ng Christmas tree. Eh, two days nalang, Christmas na." Conversing if we put the Christmas tree or not, the bottom line, we really did put one. We finished decorating it by 9:30 in the evening, I think. And I ended fixing things and sweeping the floor (lotsa dust! dammit.) by midnight. I was so tired and stressed thinking of what to put on the tree.

I decided to have the red and gold theme. I like gold, my mom likes red, that's why we had red and gold. My mom said it could've been better if it was all gold. LOL. Anyway, it was easy decorating it since resources were just around and ready to put. I mean, the ribbons, the poinsettias and the balls and the other shaped balls. haha! I don't really know how exactly I'll describe it. For me, it's perfect even without the Christmas lights. It's kinda elegant to look at. The outcome was great. I liked it and was a bit satisfied. LOL! I just said, "great" then followed by "bit" satisfied. That was pretty ironic. haha! But the tree was fine with me. And at least, I felt Christmas in some way.Ü

"Oh, mukhang mayaman na ang Christmas tree natin," my mom concluded.


robnuguid14 said...

Merry Christmas. :)

sej said...

Merry Christmas too Rob!

robnuguid14 said...

Thanks for the comments po! :)
Do you have a Friendster acct.?

sej said...

No prob. :) welcome. yup, meron. why?