The Not-So-Lucky Day

The night before that day, I knew my period was coming. I knew it. And it finally came. I decided to take a deep sleep so that it won't stress me much. Being with this body for eighteen years, I am used to this kind of personal matter -- the menstrual cycle. But this time was so unlike the usual.

The Period. The first hour of the morning, which is 7am as said by my brother (and I had no idea how did it become the first hour of the morning), was pretty fine. But as time passes by, my body started to curl, twist, bend, look crooked, have curvature, or whatever you call it. I cannot stand up from my bed. It was painful like hell. Unbearable. Excruciating, that's the term! Well, as my lower abdomen was constricting, I did my daily routine of facial exercise and things followed terribly.

The Mouth Sores. When it's my tongue's turn to do it's rounds, we both noticed four irregularly shaped painful regions of my lower lip towards the inside part of my mouth. Four mouth sores at the same time with the excruciating lower abdominal pain. It was still . . unbearable. Dammit. I cannot move my lower jaw that much because, unluckily, the mouth sores were located parallel to my teeth. Both would accidentally rub against each other. Extremely painful it is. Tsk! I cannot talk, eat properly, eat much, eat the things I wanted, even yawn, but most especially, smile and laugh as hard as I could. I hate it every time I am talking to my brother because we laugh a lot each time we have our little conversations. And I am so pissed that every time I try to expand my orbicularis oris, which is known as the kissing muscle, it always ends up with no-reaction-like face. As much as I wanted to laugh at silly jokes, I can't.

Through the day, I was grumbling. But, I can't do anything about it. I have to go through it and just keep believing that this shall pass. I know this will too. And this was the main reason why I was out for a long while. I can't even stay too long blogging with that pain. Still suffering with the effin mouth sores for about a week now, I still blogged. LOL. It's unbearable even now, but a bloghuntress can't help hunting. :D And now I'm back again, hoping the sores will be gone eventually. :)) *curse those mouth sores and that effin lower abdominal pain.