Blogger's Night at Genee's

My mom told me, two days before, about his friend's, Rey Billena, newly opened eating place, Genee, which is located at the corner of Matalam Avenue and Pendatun Avenue next to the Fire Department. I had no idea how it looks so we both decided to visit the place after my political science class last night. She brought with her my little sister and, of course, I treated them. It was already past 7:30pm when we arrived and I was amazed with what I saw.

Even from afar, you can already see their trademark or logo, in general, which is a cartooned tuna. My first step inside the place awed me when I saw the wall design of an aerial shot of General Santos City. Beside it was the elucidation of what Genee means, what is it about and what kind of experience will you get. Random collection of pictures of Generals were posted above the aerial shot of the city. The lights were fine but what's nice about their lights is that they're enclosed in a fixed wooden fish symbol, just like their logo. The seats were comfortable not to mention the big letter G on your back.

Later on, the food were served by pleasing waiters. And since we're already talking about food, I must say their foods are absolutely affordable. Genee is priding itself on GenSan's tuna. Nonetheless, they still serve chicken and bangus. Halo-halo, Ice cream, shake, juice and other sweet dishes were never unavailable in their set of choices.

After having my stomach full, I noticed a group of people having their social event. I thought I saw sir Avel of Bariles Republic, Rammyboi of Otaku's Notes, Tanchi of A Southern Shutter, Nate Marx of Inquiry to Mystification and Rosilie of Rosilie: My Blog. I didn't recognize Sheng of Anything Goes and Ayel of Musika Central instantly though. Ooppss. I think they're having a Blogger's night. I know that mom and Sir Avel are friends but sir Avel doesn't know that I am ebang bloghuntress. While mom and sir Avel were having their little chitchat, I started feeling nervous that moment because I surely know that mom will reveal my true identity to Sir Avel. And without any uncertainty, she really did. Err. Since sir Avel asked me to join them, I sat between Rammyboi and Ayel, who is blogging live.

Yes, you've read and seen it right. Ayel was instantaneously blogging that night and Tammy was, well most probably surfing the net or blogging, maybe, since Genee is a WiFi hotspot. This place might be the next place where all web people chill out and unfold their laptops. For sure the breeze of the air will help them relax for a moment.

After those pictorials and little chitchats, Nate Marx ended the night with his special skills in magic before sir Avel had a short meeting. He just reminded all of us to spread the good news! I mean, since I am a blogger and of course I am not the only blogger here in GenSan or in any region of this country, be sociable. Also, given that you, a part of a blogger society, blog about social events or even the latest news on the block. Though it's the least that a blogger can do, it is definitely a big help in making our city known to the world.

So if you are a SOCCSKSARGEN or mindanao blogger, I am encouraging you to join Soccsksargen Bloggers. A community site for south central mindanao bloggers created by Mr. Bariles.

Be a member, and be known!

** Photos grabbed from Rosilie, Kyawster and sir Avel.

I will Sing my Heart Out Loud for David Pomeranz

I still don't have a date yet, but David Pomeranz can change that.

I decided to spend a little time bloghunting a while ago but it turned out spending all of my time bloghunting in Bariles' Blog Contest. Well before I read his contest, I've already read his article about David Pomeranz' invasion in General Santos City. I was like, WOAH! Is that for real? So when I saw his blog contest, I did not think twice in joining. I have no reason not to.

As what Bariles posted in his blog, the 57-year-old American singer, composer, lyricist, and writer for musical theatre is coming to town! "Born For You", "King and Queen of Hearts", "On This Day", "Got To Believe In Magic", "Trying to Get the Feeling Again", and "Old Songs" were just some of David Pomeranz' hits. Some of my favorite lines in two of his songs are:

And maybe the old songs
Will bring back the old times
Maybe the old lines will sound new

-------------------------------------------------------------- The Old Songs.

Where did it run to? I thought I'd done all that I could
But whatever I've done, guess I just haven't done it too good
Cause all that's left is
I've been up, down, trying to get the feeling again
All around, trying to get the feeling again
The one that made me shiver, made my knees start to quiver
And I've looked high and low
And everywhere I possibly can
But there's no trying to get the feeling again
It seemed to disappear as fast as it came

--------------------------------------------- Trying to Get the Feeling Again.

He will make our hearts sing out loud on the 14th of February 2009 at the Lagao Gymnasium, General Santos City. Produced by the City Government of GenSan, Dreamwork Ventures and High Frequency Productions, the show was advertised as "A Valentine Affair with David Pomeranz - A Special Kalilangan Festival Presentation".

For the shocking David Pomeranz, the ticket prices were shocking too. It was the cheapest I know for someone like David. P 1,500 (Courtside), P 1,000 (Lower Box) and P350 (Upper Box). Well I was expecting for a 5k ticket.

And since Bariles has this blog contest, I might as well share this to everyone. I don't wanna be selfish anyway. So visit Bariles' "The David Pomeranz Concert in GenSan Blog Contest for Mindanaoans" and just make sure that you follow the mechanics. Five lucky winners will receive a VIP Pass worth P1,500 and a Gift Certificate worth P1,ooo at Grab-a-Crab Restaurant and Coffee Club 101.

Dating David wouldn't be that bad anyway..?

Tickets to “A Valentine’s Affair with David Pomeranz” are available at Coffee Dream KCC, Grab A Crab Restaurant, Coffee Club 101, MISO, East Asia Royale Hotel and ABS-CBN Office at Purok Malakas. For inquiries, please contact telephone #s (083) 303-0060, 0919-8912259 or 0917-3639191. Or log on at

A Little Offering, Bribe

Because of my night class, I was forced to go to school. The busy street made us, my mom and I, to hurriedly catch a tricycle. After a few minutes, a guy sat beside me. With my first glance at him, I thought I saw him in movies. It was.. Spiderman..? Oh yea! Tobey Maguire! The hair, the nose, the eyes. Yyeesss! I was able to sit beside Tobey. How lucky was I. Anyway, my mom caught me smiling. So she asked the guy, "Highschool ka na? Ano'ng year ka na?" [Are you already in highschool? In what year are you?] "First year," the guy answered. Oooppsss. My mom woke me up from my dream. So "Tobey", with a quote, is just a high school student who is still in his first year. So sad that my fantasy scene was accidentally cut.

After my political science class, I saw Princess, my "long-time-no-see" friend, and since my stomach was grumbling, we decided to eat at McDonald's. Good thing that we were a few minutes early before they closed. While we were eating, a poor child started to knock on the glass window beside us. Of course, he looked hungry. What would you expect? And because of being warm-hearted, Princess and I gave the poor child something to eat. (I could build a charity foundation. LOL!)

After that McDo thingy, we thought we could still go somewhere else but time won't allow us so we decided to go home. Before I went home, I bought something for my mom and my siblings. You know, a little offering for our folks at home when you come home late. LOL! Princess and I moved to Dunkin and what have we got there? A lot of people. We both still waited for our turn and just laughed about some things while waiting. One thing Princess and I laughed about is the cool car parked outside Dunkin. We were wondering who was driving that car so we started looking for him. We saw a guy who seemed like just an employee, a waiter or a an assistant in the kitchen to be a little specific. Princess said, "Baka siya o!" [Maybe it's him!] We started laughing. Just imagine a beggar driving a ferrari. We were like, ha-ha-ha-ha!

After waiting for a long period of time, we both found ourselves riding on different tricycles. On my way home, I noticed the motorcycle, in which I'm into, that the old man (the one who is driving,) was driving would die ahead of him. The journey on my way home was tooooo slow that I could just sleep inside the tricycle. LOL! Since it took a long while before I dropped off, I was sending a text message to my mom saying, "Huwag ka muna matulog ha! May dala ako." [Don't go to sleep yet! I've got something for you.] No response from her but still I was expecting her to be awake by that time. After making the countless steps from where the tricycle dropped me, at last, I'm home now! I took my first step towards the door and found her in front of the computer like the usual. I handed over the food I was holding to her and guess what suprised me the most? Her response. She just said, "Sus! Akala ko kung ano." [I thought it was something!]

Well, moms are moms. =)

Joketime: Bato

Naghahanda ako ng isasaing para sa aming hapunan nang bigla kong makita ang duming nakalutang sa isasaing ko. Kinuha ko. Isa pala itong bato. Dahil magkatabi lang kami ng nanay ko, ipinakita ko sa kanya. Sabi ko, "Bato o! Lululunin ko ito para maging Darna ako." "Sige anak, para ikaw naman ang maging superwoman." sagot niya. Maya't maya ay naiiyak ako. Ako, na gusto nang lumuha, ay napatanong sa aking nanay. "My, bakit wala?" Sabi niya, "Ano'ng wala?" "Bakit walang nangyari? Bakit hindi ako naging Darna?" sagot ko sa kanya. Tumingin ako sa mukha ng aking nanay na tila pinipigilan ang natatawang mga labi. Umalis na ako at umupo sa harap ng telebisyon pagkatapos nun. Iniisip niya siguro na ako'y nagbibiro. Pero hindi nga, bakit kaya hindi ako naging Darna? Marahil ay (A) hindi ko nasambit ang salitang DARNA! (B) kulang ang batong nilulon ko (C) lahat ng nabanggit (D) none of the above. Kung nangyari mang alam niyo ang sagot, pakisabihan lamang ako. :D

The sad part is, it really happened. =) Anyway, sorry for the "multiple choice" up there. I still have not recovered from the exams. Not to mention the results are coming out this week. tsk! Now I'm so worried.

Napag-uusapan narin lang ang biruan, eh sagarin na natin. Sinulat ko ang iilang "joketime" na alam ko.

2009 prediction: "ang suswertehin sa pag-ibig this year ay ang lalaking magiging akin!"

We all love to spend lots of money buying new clothes but never realize that some of the best moments in life are enjoyed without clothes.

Di baleng may hiwalayan! Basta't nagkatikiman.

Q: Bakit badtrip ang pinya pag-umaga?
A: Kasi marami siyang aalising muta. Bukas, badtrip nanaman yun.

"Handa akong ibigay ang init ng katawan na ninanais mo at sisiguraduhin ko na hindi ka makakatulog." -- Kape. Ang napakalanding Kape.

Hindi man ganun kasarap ang buhay, habang buhay naman akong masarap.

For a two timer, wrong sent is the hardest part.

"Real looks are not based on physical features but in the heart." Motto yan ng mga pangit. Eto ang sa'tin: "With great looks comes great responsibility."

When someone is flirting with you, PLEASE COOPERATE!

Pinakamasarap? Yung hindi sinasabi pero nararamdaman, yung walang singsing pero kuntento, yung walang sumpaan pero walang iwanan, at higit sa lahat, yung hindi kayo pero natitikman mo.

Love just one person and just taste the rest.

"Bakit ganun? Sa kama nalang ba lagi ang role ko sa buhay mo?? Each time na pagod ka, I'm always here para painitin ang malalamig mong gabi. Di mo ba ako pwedeng idisplay sa mga tao kahit minsan lang?!" -- Kumot, nagdadrama, gusto maging kurtina.

Never kiss a policeman because they would say, "Stop! You're under arrest!" Never kiss a bank teller because they would say, "Next please." Never kiss a lawyer because they would say, "Objection!" Always kiss a nurse because they would say, "I understand how you feel. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

Huwag mong isiping pangit ako. Hindi mo kaya. Masestress ka lang.

People who don't know me think that I am behaved. People who do know me wish I was.

If the sun had not been made, maybe I am the hottest thing ever created.

I was about to add another joke but I decided not to because it includes nuns. *smugs*

Anyway, Enjoy!

Malupit na Ulan

Hindi ko pa naibubukas ang aking mga mata
ay tila nauna nang magising ang aking mga tainga.
Naiirita sa ingay sa labas ng bintana
at namimilipit sa ginaw na nadarama.
Walang tigil ang makulimlim na langit
sa luhang may ingay na malupit
Ngunit walang makakahadlang sa akin
matutulog akong muli nang mahimbing.
Pagmulat ng mata'y luha ang nadatnan
sa bintana'ng aking pinagmamasdan
Tila mabigat ang dinadalang pighati
ng langit sa itaas na walang tigil sa pag-hikbi.
Nasaan ang aking masayahing araw
lumisan kaya at ako'y giniginaw?
Ngunit sa lamig na ito'y mahirap bathin
O ilaw ko, ako'y iyong painitin.
Lumipas ang ilang oras, tuloy ka parin sa pag-iyak,
ano kaya ang nangyari't ikaw ay hindi nagagalak.
Sana'y bumalik ka na sa dati mong kalagayan
at ng sa gayon maayos na rin ang aming kabagayan.
Masarap man ang simoy ng iyong hangin
ngunit araw ay aming kinakailangan din.
At sa lamig na iyong ibinibigay na di namin kayang bathin
kalagayan nami'y maiintindihan mo rin.
Natulog kami't nagising muli
at sa pagmulat ng mata, kami'y nawili
sa ganda ng sinag ng araw mula sa langit
tila sabik ding makita ang aming mga ngiti.
Salamat naman at maayos na ang lahat
pati ang emosyon ng langit na tila mabigat
ay napawi narin ng kasabika't tuwa
at ang ninanais na muling pagkabuhay
ay batid na batid sa iyong masinag na liwayway.

Hell Week

Welcome to A Week of Hell!
Taste and take pleasure in.

January 13
....................... 9.30 - STS 1
....................... 11.30 - Hist 1

January 14
....................... 9.30 - Anthro 31
....................... 11.30 - Socio 5

January 15
....................... 7.30 - RE 3
....................... 9.30 - Econ 113
....................... 5.30 - PolSci 2

Yes, this is A Week of Hell. It's exam week already and we can closely, like CLOSELY, compare it to hell, and I bet that's what most of the students would say. I'm really not loaded with subjects but what I hate most about this thing is the "study" part. My friend once asked me, "Nag-study ka na?" [Have you studied already?] I replied, "Study? Ano yan? Makain 'yan? Kasi kung makain 'yan, salamat nalang. I'm on diet kasi." [Study? What's that? Is that edible? Well if it can be eaten, thanks but I'm on diet.] I really don't like study habits or maybe I'm just not used to have a habit that is what others call "studying". It is so unlikely me.


However, I still studied my lessons. I studied pages 1 to 77, from Article 1 Section 1 to Article 3 Section 1, from Rizal's birth date up to his childhood, from the Spanish colonization to the Americans, from paleolithic age to neolithic age, from input market to output market, and from prayers to sacraments. I've also known Daniel Burnham, the shifting of the curve, the Law of Supply and Demand, the passwords of the Bayani, Katipun and Kawal, Huygens, Newton, Edison and etc, the Aztecs, the Sumerians, Hittites, Akkadians and Nebuchadnezzar, Rizal's brother and sisters, his uncles and aunties, his mentor and of course his parents, and also I've known the constitution, statute, the state, nation, and the state and government. My temperature rose for about a hundred while I was reading. (Nah! Just being sarcastic.) I was like burning in hell! (Just kidding.)

Not because I read, I know a lot. I haven't committed to memory everything. I just familiarized some words but I did NOT memorize it all. Well I still managed to answer the questions. I was just unsure of the others though. I just hope the results would turn out good, if not better, most especially my Political Science and STS exams. I'd be really happy if it resulted good remarks.


By the way, I cut my hair short last Sunday. The shortest so far! I don't know if I am sorry for myself for having a short hair, but from that day on, I never go out of the house without my hair tied. I never expected it would be this short. But anyway, I'm still fine with it. I'm still not hating my hair for being short. I'm excited for it to grow. :D Credits to the person who cut my hair. I'll blog about you some other time. It was a nice experience having you as my hairdresser.

A Fast Post: Blog Site Name Suggestions

Err. Isang mabilisang post lamang po!

Andami kong drafts at nung Bagong Taon ko pa hindi nai-pa-publish. Ninanais ko na sana ngunit busy ako sa ibang bagay. Pasensya na kung wala akong nailalagay na bagong post. Ilalagay ko rin po sa lalong madaling panahon. :D

Maiba tayo... Ninanais ko rin sana'ng pumalit ng pangalan sa aking blogsite. Gusto kong bago ang site. Somewhat like, informative. pero, andun parin ung personal insights and mga personal logs ko. Magulo ba? Hehe.

Kaya, kung mayroon kayong maibibigay na mga suggestions, feel free to comment. Ha? Tuyong-tuyo na ang aking isipan eh. And, pakilagay narin po kung bakit yun ang inyong naisipan.


Have a Blessed New Year!

I don't think there's a better way to say this but to just say it.
Happy New Year!

2009 has come and I have already made a step into the first day and to tell you honestly, the first day was so unproductive. We spent New Year's Eve at my mom's bestfriend's house. It was still fun. Yea. As if I had some other choice. Ooppss. I had a choice. It's just that I chose to be with them at my tita's house and celebrate the NY's Eve there. I don't want to kill their moments anyway. So yeah, we were having fun that night. Fireworks here and there, eating here and there and cracking up some jokes here and there. And to end it, we went home around 1:30 in the morning after we played games. I must say the games were a total fun. Though my brother and I missed the earlier episodes of Grey's Anatomy on Studio23, we still watched it and, of course, we did not go to sleep. It was noon time when we all, our family and her bestfriend's too, went to the mall. But with some unexplainable reason, we have to go home early and cut the happy moments. tsk! Too bad it has to end that way.

Recalling 2008 would be more like hell. Or was it really hell. Well I don't give a damn. I've been there already.


--> January to March. I was so worried about my studies these times. Since I so dislike my teacher in RE that time, I knew my grade would be that low. I was, too, worried about the Top200 thingy in our batch that time. It was said that the 201st and below won't be able to enroll in the same course next year. So I was effin scared.

--> March to May. The final results went out a little bad. I passed my major subject and my RE though. The problem is, my RE grade didn't reach the cut off of my nursing course. Too bad for me but I think I deserve it, for whatever reason ma'am RE has. I was so scared to be transferred to another medical school which made me not to cooperate well with my mom in taking entrance exams and stuffs like that. But like they say, "God is good all the time." Later, our department accepted those who weren't able to make it to the top200. So I was enrolled in the same university.

--> June to October. I was already having fun in my second year in college. Having NCM 100 and HealthCare 2 was a bit fun too. My first NCM, first encounter with ma'am Lodar Escobillo, first Community Diagnosis (which was totally fun, I should say, though we were all under pressure), and all the firsts a sophomore nursing student might have. It was also the first time I failed and this time, it was for real. I failed my NCM. I was really disappointed with my self. I know I'm stupid but with the hurt and disappointment I was feeling, I tried to look on the brighter side of it just to make me somehow feel a little better.

--> November. This month sucks! It was extremely memorable only because of one damn b*tch. Well she just made me a fool and I must say she's really good at that. Two thumbs up for her! She even made me cry for a week. Oh that b*tch and Oh, how stupid I was to shed those effin tears for her. I cursed this month just because of her. If only I could skip November and celebrate Christmas ahead. Too bad I'm not God. tsk. I was also facing the only difficulty of being an irregular student --- LAZINESS.

--> December. Last month of the year, at last! Nothing memorable happened this month really. I just found it hard, still, facing the fact that I have no major subject at all. Lame subjects. duh.

2008 wasn't that bad after all, was it? Well I don't think so. 2007 was the worst! The worst so far. I hope 2009 will be better for me and for everyone too. I hope. I wanna see smiles, laughters and beautiful mornings each day. I won't make any New Year's resolution. It's pretty useless for me. Total crap. hehe. =) Well I just wanted everyone to have a great new year ahead of them. :D