Have a Blessed New Year!

I don't think there's a better way to say this but to just say it.
Happy New Year!

2009 has come and I have already made a step into the first day and to tell you honestly, the first day was so unproductive. We spent New Year's Eve at my mom's bestfriend's house. It was still fun. Yea. As if I had some other choice. Ooppss. I had a choice. It's just that I chose to be with them at my tita's house and celebrate the NY's Eve there. I don't want to kill their moments anyway. So yeah, we were having fun that night. Fireworks here and there, eating here and there and cracking up some jokes here and there. And to end it, we went home around 1:30 in the morning after we played games. I must say the games were a total fun. Though my brother and I missed the earlier episodes of Grey's Anatomy on Studio23, we still watched it and, of course, we did not go to sleep. It was noon time when we all, our family and her bestfriend's too, went to the mall. But with some unexplainable reason, we have to go home early and cut the happy moments. tsk! Too bad it has to end that way.

Recalling 2008 would be more like hell. Or was it really hell. Well I don't give a damn. I've been there already.


--> January to March. I was so worried about my studies these times. Since I so dislike my teacher in RE that time, I knew my grade would be that low. I was, too, worried about the Top200 thingy in our batch that time. It was said that the 201st and below won't be able to enroll in the same course next year. So I was effin scared.

--> March to May. The final results went out a little bad. I passed my major subject and my RE though. The problem is, my RE grade didn't reach the cut off of my nursing course. Too bad for me but I think I deserve it, for whatever reason ma'am RE has. I was so scared to be transferred to another medical school which made me not to cooperate well with my mom in taking entrance exams and stuffs like that. But like they say, "God is good all the time." Later, our department accepted those who weren't able to make it to the top200. So I was enrolled in the same university.

--> June to October. I was already having fun in my second year in college. Having NCM 100 and HealthCare 2 was a bit fun too. My first NCM, first encounter with ma'am Lodar Escobillo, first Community Diagnosis (which was totally fun, I should say, though we were all under pressure), and all the firsts a sophomore nursing student might have. It was also the first time I failed and this time, it was for real. I failed my NCM. I was really disappointed with my self. I know I'm stupid but with the hurt and disappointment I was feeling, I tried to look on the brighter side of it just to make me somehow feel a little better.

--> November. This month sucks! It was extremely memorable only because of one damn b*tch. Well she just made me a fool and I must say she's really good at that. Two thumbs up for her! She even made me cry for a week. Oh that b*tch and Oh, how stupid I was to shed those effin tears for her. I cursed this month just because of her. If only I could skip November and celebrate Christmas ahead. Too bad I'm not God. tsk. I was also facing the only difficulty of being an irregular student --- LAZINESS.

--> December. Last month of the year, at last! Nothing memorable happened this month really. I just found it hard, still, facing the fact that I have no major subject at all. Lame subjects. duh.

2008 wasn't that bad after all, was it? Well I don't think so. 2007 was the worst! The worst so far. I hope 2009 will be better for me and for everyone too. I hope. I wanna see smiles, laughters and beautiful mornings each day. I won't make any New Year's resolution. It's pretty useless for me. Total crap. hehe. =) Well I just wanted everyone to have a great new year ahead of them. :D