Hell Week

Welcome to A Week of Hell!
Taste and take pleasure in.

January 13
....................... 9.30 - STS 1
....................... 11.30 - Hist 1

January 14
....................... 9.30 - Anthro 31
....................... 11.30 - Socio 5

January 15
....................... 7.30 - RE 3
....................... 9.30 - Econ 113
....................... 5.30 - PolSci 2

Yes, this is A Week of Hell. It's exam week already and we can closely, like CLOSELY, compare it to hell, and I bet that's what most of the students would say. I'm really not loaded with subjects but what I hate most about this thing is the "study" part. My friend once asked me, "Nag-study ka na?" [Have you studied already?] I replied, "Study? Ano yan? Makain 'yan? Kasi kung makain 'yan, salamat nalang. I'm on diet kasi." [Study? What's that? Is that edible? Well if it can be eaten, thanks but I'm on diet.] I really don't like study habits or maybe I'm just not used to have a habit that is what others call "studying". It is so unlikely me.


However, I still studied my lessons. I studied pages 1 to 77, from Article 1 Section 1 to Article 3 Section 1, from Rizal's birth date up to his childhood, from the Spanish colonization to the Americans, from paleolithic age to neolithic age, from input market to output market, and from prayers to sacraments. I've also known Daniel Burnham, the shifting of the curve, the Law of Supply and Demand, the passwords of the Bayani, Katipun and Kawal, Huygens, Newton, Edison and etc, the Aztecs, the Sumerians, Hittites, Akkadians and Nebuchadnezzar, Rizal's brother and sisters, his uncles and aunties, his mentor and of course his parents, and also I've known the constitution, statute, the state, nation, and the state and government. My temperature rose for about a hundred while I was reading. (Nah! Just being sarcastic.) I was like burning in hell! (Just kidding.)

Not because I read, I know a lot. I haven't committed to memory everything. I just familiarized some words but I did NOT memorize it all. Well I still managed to answer the questions. I was just unsure of the others though. I just hope the results would turn out good, if not better, most especially my Political Science and STS exams. I'd be really happy if it resulted good remarks.


By the way, I cut my hair short last Sunday. The shortest so far! I don't know if I am sorry for myself for having a short hair, but from that day on, I never go out of the house without my hair tied. I never expected it would be this short. But anyway, I'm still fine with it. I'm still not hating my hair for being short. I'm excited for it to grow. :D Credits to the person who cut my hair. I'll blog about you some other time. It was a nice experience having you as my hairdresser.


e'an said...

nagpagupit ka?

d pa kita.nakikita eh. haha

BWCT ang RE ba.grrrrrrrrr

jes said...

oo. hindi mo makita kasi tinatali ko always. maiksi kasi, AYAW KO! wahaha.

ang RE? oo, mejo. grabe ang tanong. makonsensya ka mag`cheat kasi RE nga ang subject. haha!