A Little Offering, Bribe

Because of my night class, I was forced to go to school. The busy street made us, my mom and I, to hurriedly catch a tricycle. After a few minutes, a guy sat beside me. With my first glance at him, I thought I saw him in movies. It was.. Spiderman..? Oh yea! Tobey Maguire! The hair, the nose, the eyes. Yyeesss! I was able to sit beside Tobey. How lucky was I. Anyway, my mom caught me smiling. So she asked the guy, "Highschool ka na? Ano'ng year ka na?" [Are you already in highschool? In what year are you?] "First year," the guy answered. Oooppsss. My mom woke me up from my dream. So "Tobey", with a quote, is just a high school student who is still in his first year. So sad that my fantasy scene was accidentally cut.

After my political science class, I saw Princess, my "long-time-no-see" friend, and since my stomach was grumbling, we decided to eat at McDonald's. Good thing that we were a few minutes early before they closed. While we were eating, a poor child started to knock on the glass window beside us. Of course, he looked hungry. What would you expect? And because of being warm-hearted, Princess and I gave the poor child something to eat. (I could build a charity foundation. LOL!)

After that McDo thingy, we thought we could still go somewhere else but time won't allow us so we decided to go home. Before I went home, I bought something for my mom and my siblings. You know, a little offering for our folks at home when you come home late. LOL! Princess and I moved to Dunkin and what have we got there? A lot of people. We both still waited for our turn and just laughed about some things while waiting. One thing Princess and I laughed about is the cool car parked outside Dunkin. We were wondering who was driving that car so we started looking for him. We saw a guy who seemed like just an employee, a waiter or a an assistant in the kitchen to be a little specific. Princess said, "Baka siya o!" [Maybe it's him!] We started laughing. Just imagine a beggar driving a ferrari. We were like, ha-ha-ha-ha!

After waiting for a long period of time, we both found ourselves riding on different tricycles. On my way home, I noticed the motorcycle, in which I'm into, that the old man (the one who is driving,) was driving would die ahead of him. The journey on my way home was tooooo slow that I could just sleep inside the tricycle. LOL! Since it took a long while before I dropped off, I was sending a text message to my mom saying, "Huwag ka muna matulog ha! May dala ako." [Don't go to sleep yet! I've got something for you.] No response from her but still I was expecting her to be awake by that time. After making the countless steps from where the tricycle dropped me, at last, I'm home now! I took my first step towards the door and found her in front of the computer like the usual. I handed over the food I was holding to her and guess what suprised me the most? Her response. She just said, "Sus! Akala ko kung ano." [I thought it was something!]

Well, moms are moms. =)


vanilla7 said...

Your blog has been given an award! check it out:
and have a nice weekend ;)

iceah said...

sorry Jes ngayon lang nakabisita sayo c: nagkasakit kasi little boy ko pagaling pa lang thanx sa pagvisit ha c:

sheng said...

That's what Moms are, unpredictable. Thanks for visiting my place.

jes said...

@ vanilla7: thanks! maybe i'll blog about it some other time. :)

@mommy ice: ok lang po un. so, how's josh na? ok na man siguro siya nowadays, ryt?

@sheng: no problem. yea, they really are unpredictable...and weird. haha!

mixed emotions said...

yea..coz she was expecting something light ...u known she's on diet@#$%^ wouldn't wanna see her like "LUMBA-LUMBA" again.

jes said...

oh c'mon! i know she misses her lumba-lumba look. haha!