Perfect Valentine's Day, so far!

After waiting for hours, hours and hours, suddenly the lights turned off. Every corner of the gymnasium was dark and everybody was yelling for his name - the name which made a beautiful story that was witnessed by the Generals.

My mom and I luckily had a seat at the middle part of the court so we had a good view from there. I haven't really noticed the crowd because I was stunned by how the stage was decorated and it's coolness when hit by the lights. It was really cool. When I looked at the upper part of the gymnasium, I was shocked that they were crowded up there.

Minutes later, after waiting for an hour and a half to be exact, the show already started. David showed himself and amazed everyone like what should be expected. He sang 18 songs all in all, which I think it should just be 12. Here are the songs he sang - Got to believe, If You Walked Away, I Learned It All From You, My Favorite Story, Trying To Get The Feeling Again, A song from The Little Tramp, My Cherie Amour, Daybreak, I Still Believe In You, What You're Doing, Perfect Stranger themesong, On This Day, Stand By Me, Old Songs, King and Queen of Hearts, Born For You, Tell Me, and Rock and Roll. Of course, the oldies jammed with him. They were energized with David's voice and the songs they used to hear when they were young.

David had an autograph signing after the concert. Too bad I wasn't able to have a picture with him that night. Mom was complaining about her stomach already. So we just headed to a near food chain and ate our midnight dinner. Though the concert started late, it was really worth the wait.

And I had my perfect valentine's day so far. :))

PS: I gave my free two general admission tickets to my bestfriend. It's for her parents to enjoy. And they really did.

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Just My Luck!

Four days after this day is, obviously, Valentine’s Day. Though there’s something to hurry and be excited about on that day, let’s deal with today first. *smugs*

Earlier this day, Bariles reminded all the bloggers about the awarding of the winners of David Pomernanz Concert Blog Contest. I knew already, the day before Bariles told me about the awarding, that I am not one of the major winners. But it really didn’t matter. I was still excited. So, Finella, my dear friend, and I sneaked out of our school just to attend the said event. Good thing we weren’t that really late. And another good thing is that seats were reserved for the bloggers at Coffe Club 101's 2nd floor.

So, for the 5 major winners, who received 2 VIP tickets for David Pomeranz’ Concert and a gift certificate worth P1,000.00 from Grab-A-Crab, were:

Sheng - Anything Goes

Tanchi - A Southern Shutter

Sir Gilbert - Know Read Know Write

Rammyboi - Otaku's Notes

Rosilie - My Blog

For the other bloggers who participated, including me, received 2 General Admission tickets.

The Sox Bloggers with Mr. Mike Wee   (photo from Kyawster)

In line with that day's meeting, Mr. Bariles and one of the producers of the concert informed us about David's schedule. David will arrive around 9:00-10:00 in the morning and will have a parade around the city right after his arrival. He'll have his lunch and press conference at Grab-A-Crab then back to the hotel to rest a little. And by 5:00 in the afternoon, he'll prepare in making a history in General Santos City Lagao Gymnasium.

(My VIP tickets. ^_^)

But that day didn't end just like that. Here goes the highlight! Sir Gilbert offered me his VIP tickets in exchange with my Gen. Ad. tickets. It was really a surprise. Lucky? I absolutely think so. Who wouldn’t be? I know God is good, all the time. Now I’m so excited for February 14 to arrive. Yay!


I was sitting inaudibly outside that night. Though I can hear them singing their batch song with the glass windows closed, I remained still. I stayed for hours and for the first hour, I didn't exactly know what I was doing. Minutes later, a friend passed and said, "Huwag kang tumingin diyan. Masakit 'yan dito o," [Don't look there. It hurts here.] subsequently pointing her finger to her chest. I instantaneously knew what she was trying to denote. So I asked myself, "Does it really hurt?" I waited for answers so I stayed calm from where I was situated.

A lot of people knew that I wouldn't be capped and pinned this year and some felt sad about it. I felt sad too, but not too the extent that I cried over it. Someone got curious if I cried or not on the day when I knew that my grade in my major subject didn't reach the cut-off and I self-assuredly answered no. It was like a big slap on my face but maybe I was just numb about it that's why I didn't even shed a tear. However, that night was totally different and to tell everyone honestly, I got jealous seeing them walking down the aisle. My realizations were weird and I've gotten crazy. It's as if I wanted to cry it out loud. Looking at them that night was like holding my breath forever. Of course, no one could but still I was hurting. Yes, I was hurt. I wanted to put the bullet on my head but I just can't. Something tells me not to do it. Though I was secretively sad, I was glad too because at least I know, I'm not that numb yet. Not only that, I'm glad as well for what my batch mates have attained.

For whatever reason God has, I hope it's worth the wait. I know it's worth the wait. Nevertheless, I'd like to congratulate all of my "supposed-to-be" batch mates.

The days are over wasting our dreams
The years have passed that we feel we've become weak
We thought it's over, that our future will die
But now is the time that we will prove that we'll shine
Here we are

We're gonna sour up high
Reach for the stars so bright up in the sky
Hold our dreams and never let them fall from our hands
Sauveur de Bien, preserving the good we stand.

Trials, hardship that we always meet
We may lose hope until we cannot breathe
We may stumble and feel we cannot rise
But still we're striving so that we will survive
Here we are

We are no longer birds that hide on the tree
We are no longer children who need to be fed
We must step up high
And reach the sky
And will prove that we'll shine

Your dreams are in your hands so never let it slip away. Soar up high but still keep your feet on the ground. May God bless all of you on your way to success. Congratulations Sauveur de Bien!.. and prove you'll shine!

In case you don't know...

i'm hurting.

DIET: Die with a T

Before I went back here in GenSan from Cotabato, to continue my 4th year in High School, my weight really went down and even got hospitalized a day after my final exam. I was happy back then but now that I've spent 2 years and counting here in GenSan, I don't know if I should be pleased. Yea right, I've gained weight and I hate it. My mom told me not to worry much about it but I can't help it. So I decided to have an altered system to loose some weight.

Yesterday, I officially started my death. I mean, diet. So what the hell am I doing to my physically and mentally abused body?

1. Avoid drinking cold water. It solidifies oily substances inside my body and slows down the digestion.

2. Eat smaller amount of food. My body is already getting used to having lesser quantity intake than the usual. And oh, I'm glad about it. :))

3. Drink water before eating. It causes you to eat less because water makes you feel full.

4. Regular exercise. This one is something I haven't done yet since yesterday. Dammit. It's always postponed because I don't have much time. Too bad and so sad.

Most probably, I'll be losing some weight if I continue this for a month or two. Oh, everyday. would be better. And I thought totally cutting off of rice will make it more faster. Say what?

**to be updated. i think. lol.