DIET: Die with a T

Before I went back here in GenSan from Cotabato, to continue my 4th year in High School, my weight really went down and even got hospitalized a day after my final exam. I was happy back then but now that I've spent 2 years and counting here in GenSan, I don't know if I should be pleased. Yea right, I've gained weight and I hate it. My mom told me not to worry much about it but I can't help it. So I decided to have an altered system to loose some weight.

Yesterday, I officially started my death. I mean, diet. So what the hell am I doing to my physically and mentally abused body?

1. Avoid drinking cold water. It solidifies oily substances inside my body and slows down the digestion.

2. Eat smaller amount of food. My body is already getting used to having lesser quantity intake than the usual. And oh, I'm glad about it. :))

3. Drink water before eating. It causes you to eat less because water makes you feel full.

4. Regular exercise. This one is something I haven't done yet since yesterday. Dammit. It's always postponed because I don't have much time. Too bad and so sad.

Most probably, I'll be losing some weight if I continue this for a month or two. Oh, everyday. would be better. And I thought totally cutting off of rice will make it more faster. Say what?

**to be updated. i think. lol.


onyxx said...

good luck :). suggestion: reduce your rice intake. it works

jes said...

yea, and i might really take it out. but i sometimes cheat. lol! i take small parts slowly day by day. until my body is used to "no rice everyday!" wee. ^_^

Rico said...

In our case, if we can help it, we limit our dinners to fruits and veggie salads. But we only do this every other day, just to loose a little weight. But if you need to loose a lot (meaning you have that tiny little dress you want to fit into), have fruit for dinner everyday. Good luck sa ating lahat!

Rammyboi said...

nah! that's my problem sad. di ko kabalo mag exercise.. i mean tamad ko. ahahhaha :D gud luck sa pagpapa diet jes :D

jes said...

@rico: i'm trying to do that too. thanks!

@rammyboi: haha! wala akong time, kainis tlga. thanks! btw, congrats for winning those david p. tickets. :)

Tanchi said...

tumataba na ang bloghuntress..pano na sya mag ba BLOGHOP!
goodluck for this dying journey

jes said...

haha! salamat sa support tan! LOL!

paoruiz said...

water and axercise. you're good to go. =)

kyawster said...

oyyy... preparation ba yan sa Vday date??? gudlak sa pagpapaseksi;-)

jes said...

@paoruiz: yea, but i hate it, because i cheat sometimes. hehe! wish me luck! :))

@kyawster: haha! wala ngang date eh. so sad. hehe. thanks kuya kyawkyaw! :D

ROSILIE said...

hi jes,
thanks for the greetings! Congrats sa atin lahat. ANd best wishes sa death mo, oops, sa diet pala.hahhahahahaha!

Being healthy and fit is indeed something!

sheng said...

haha, death... i mean, diet. everybody keeps attempting to go through this, but never gets to cross the bridge, hahaha, me included!

the MoonWalker said...

hehehe...beat my record...50lbs in 3mos. No pills, No sugar, No rice, No soda...just veggies, milk and water.And ohhh and dont forget...SWEAT IT OUT KID!

Rea said...

woaaahh! baliktad naman tayo, i think i need to gain some weight. sabi kasi nila, ang payat2 ko na daw! shet! hahaha.

iba na kasi tlga lifestyle ko. so on my part, diet is a suicide! haha. although, di rin naman normal ang mealtime ko. hehe

gudluck sa diet! carry on! :D

jes said...

@ Rosilie: haha! thanks! and i don't think that what i'm currently doing is healthy. lol!

@ Sheng: lol! i've crossed once, without the intention of having diet. that was really dying. i don't eat lunch at all. hospital ang bagsak. :))

@ moonwalker: duh! LMAO!

@ Rea: hahaha! gusto ko na nga magka`major uli eh. para puyat2 uli. para no time to eat. :))