Plurkfiesta: General's Brew

Just had my second Plurk Fiesta with SoCCSKSarGen Bloggers yesterday. Though Rammyboi, Tanchi and I came late because of some school stuffs, we still had a good time with the other plurkers.

GenBrew, short term for General's Brew, is a coffee shop located between Landbank and Kristan Bookstore along Pioneer Avenue owned by Kin and Letty Du.

It was somehow literally a "fiesta" for there were quite a number of bloggers who came. To name them, Bariles, Gilbert, Tanchi, Rammyboi, Samara Fae, Leonard, Hecky, Rosilie, Tammy Rose, Rain, Millet, Jinky, Myla, and the new-found-blogger, Donna Mae were present. For everyone's information, Donna Mae is the owner of the Envy Me Salon located at Pioneer Avenue.

Their cold coffee, forgot the name though, was good. They serve rice meals, pasta, sandwhiches and hot coffee too. And yea, bloggers never miss FREE WI-FI!

TRIVIA: GenBrew is the only coffee shop that serves Kafe Balos or Kape Alamid which is the most expensive coffee in the world which come from the droppings of the Philippine civet, a mammal which can be found in the forests and coffee plantations of South Cotabato.