Plurkfiesta: Orange Bistro

I was kind of excited with today's plurkfiesta because I already had the chance to appreciate Orange Bistro and be proud and love GenSan more!

(Tanchi and Rammyboi, using the FREE WIFI while waiting for the other bloggers)

For some reason, I came late and just sat beside Ikang. I was also able to meet Gheltac, sir Daxi, mommy Iceah and Sir Blogie, a Davao based blogger, personally. Minutes later, food was served and of course, Kyawster, sir Hecky and sir Bariles never miss PHOTO OPs!

Nachos @ 220Php.

Angel's Hair @ 95Php.

Chicharong Bulaklak

The first food they served was the Nachos topped with meaty sauce. Then everything just followed and that spacious table was filled with nothing but food. They also served Angel's Hair, Fried Dumplings, Burger and Chicharong Bulaklak. I've already tried everything that they served except for Angel's Hair. The pasta of Angel's Hair is smaller than the usual pasta we buy and it is topped with cheese and milk, I guess, and surrounded with sausage. I so love it's spiciness. The dumplings, burger, chicharong bulaklak and nachos were good too. It's just that I never heard of Angel's Hair before. The food was paired with an Iced Tea which tasted good too.

Mini Cakes from P50 to P120

Dumplings @ 215Php.


Mushroom with Broccoli

Before we ended that blissful afternoon, we had a group picture first with the staff of Orange Bistro. We all then went to our different destinations. Rammyboi headed to a student's party, others went home already, some passed by the mall first, sir Blogie went to the hotel accompanied by sir Bariles and sir Gilbert too, I think. Tanchi, Gheltac, Ikang and I headed to Chill and Surf and played RockBand for a while.

Left to Right: (upper) Daxi Welda, Sheng, Blogie, Romarie, Rain Cindy, Gilbert, Jinky, Tammy
(lower) Gheltac, Rosilie, Ikang, ME, Rammyboi, Bariles, staff of Orange Bistro

Orange Bistro is open 7 days a week from 10am to 12 midnight, For reservations and inquiries on catering, please call 301-0992.

Thanks to blogging, I found a family where boredom is not in their vocabulary. (:


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