Perfect Valentine's Day, so far!

After waiting for hours, hours and hours, suddenly the lights turned off. Every corner of the gymnasium was dark and everybody was yelling for his name - the name which made a beautiful story that was witnessed by the Generals.

My mom and I luckily had a seat at the middle part of the court so we had a good view from there. I haven't really noticed the crowd because I was stunned by how the stage was decorated and it's coolness when hit by the lights. It was really cool. When I looked at the upper part of the gymnasium, I was shocked that they were crowded up there.

Minutes later, after waiting for an hour and a half to be exact, the show already started. David showed himself and amazed everyone like what should be expected. He sang 18 songs all in all, which I think it should just be 12. Here are the songs he sang - Got to believe, If You Walked Away, I Learned It All From You, My Favorite Story, Trying To Get The Feeling Again, A song from The Little Tramp, My Cherie Amour, Daybreak, I Still Believe In You, What You're Doing, Perfect Stranger themesong, On This Day, Stand By Me, Old Songs, King and Queen of Hearts, Born For You, Tell Me, and Rock and Roll. Of course, the oldies jammed with him. They were energized with David's voice and the songs they used to hear when they were young.

David had an autograph signing after the concert. Too bad I wasn't able to have a picture with him that night. Mom was complaining about her stomach already. So we just headed to a near food chain and ate our midnight dinner. Though the concert started late, it was really worth the wait.

And I had my perfect valentine's day so far. :))

PS: I gave my free two general admission tickets to my bestfriend. It's for her parents to enjoy. And they really did.

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